Companion Animal

The Scientific committee of the Companion Animal programme will be proud to present to you an impressive list of renowned national and international speakers that will guide you through the most interesting topics of, and insights in, veterinary companion animal medicine. The day is filled with streams containing multiple lectures, giving you the theoretical knowledge needed for your day-to-day cases. 

21 April 2022

Speakers Programme

Conor McNeill (US) –  Diagnostic workup for the oncology patient: How to diagnose and stage common cancers in pets

Conor McNeill (US) –  Oncology emergencies in the clinic and managing side effects from treatment

Conor McNeill (US) – Paraneoplastic conditions: When cancer reaches out beyond the primary tumor

Danielle Gunn-Moore (UK) – A new horizon for the treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Herman Egberink (NL) – Update on FIP: pathogenesis en diagnosis

Hille Fieten (NL) – Update on BOAS patients and scoring system in PETscan

Hille Fieten (NL) – Congenital oesophageal motility dysfunction in dogs: A tough pill to swallow

Joachim Proot (NL) – Intestinal surgery: What’s new, what’s hot and what’s not?

Joachim Proot (NL) – Perineal hernia: From the straightforward to the complicated, all you need to know to successfully tackle perineal hernia surgery in practice

Joost Uilenreef (NL) – Multimodal analgesia

Joost Uilenreef (NL) – Repiratoire anesthesie patient

Joris Vink (NL) – Hipdysplasia in cats

Marja de Jong (NL) – From Paper 2 Practice, part 1: ACVIM consensus: Diagnosis of IMHA

Marja de Jong (NL) – From Paper 2 Practice, part 2: Pancreatitis in cats

Philipp Schmierer (DE) – Orthopeadics

Tera Pijnacker (NL) – From Paper 2 Practice, part 1: ACVIM consensus: Identification, evaluation and management of systemic hypertension

Tera Pijnacker (NL) – From Paper 2 Practice, part 2: ACVIM consensus: Rational use of gastrointestinal protectants

Viktor Szatmari (NL) – Congenital heart diseases: what to do with a pup with heart murmer?


All-round Stream with Eric Garcia (US)

– The latest tools & tips to manage your online reputation

– How to implement and handle client feedback

– Digital Marketing

– The importance of saying thank you online