Companion Animal

Information about the programme, streams and speakers


Companion Animal

The Scientific committee of the Companion Animal programme will be proud to present to you an impressive list of renowned national and international speakers that will guide you through the most interesting topics of, and insights in, veterinary companion animal medicine.


The Pre-congress master classes will give you hands on practical skills for the small animal practitioner. Thursday and Friday are filled with streams containing multiple lectures, giving you the theoretical knowledge needed for your day-to-day cases.

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Preliminary Programme 2020

  • Improving the life of feline patients in chronic kidney disease – Marc Acierno
  • Protein Losing Nephropathy: current recommendations – Marc Acierno
  • FiV/FELV new insights on diagnostics? – Herman Egberink
  • The evolution of Feline Calicivirus, with different syndromes and its relationship to cat flu vaccines – Maria Manuel
  • Behavior of stressed and ill ferrets, owners don’t know their ferret is ill! – Hanneke Roest
  • Help! A turtle in the house – Ineke Westerhof
  • Paraneoplastic conditions: when cancer reaches out beyond the primary tumor – Conor McNeill
  • Oncologic emergencies in the clinic: cancer! Treatment STAT and managing of side effects from treatment – Conor McNeil

Masterclasses: pre congress day (full day)

  • Cytology – Erik Teske
  • Abdominal Ultrasound – Kim Gerritsen – Van Schaik & Susanne Boroffka