Information about the programme, streams and speakers



The Voorjaarsdagen Equine Programme will offer both practical clinical updates and presentations of the latest developments in research. Therefore, the conference is appealing to a broad audience, including students, general practitioners and specialists.


Leading experts will cover numerous topics in two different streams divided over two days. Lots of topics to choose from!

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Preliminary Programme 2020

Orthopaedics, Neck and Back

  • What’s the evidence to support intra/periarticular facet joint injections of the neck and back? – Sarah Boys-Smith (UK)
  • Technique for injecting equine cervical and thoracolumbar articular process joints? – Sarah Boys-Smith (UK)
  • Objective evaluation of the sore backed horseAndrew Fiske-Jackson (UK)
  • Computed tomographic evaluation of cervical vertebral column: morphologic variation and pathology Stefanie Veraa (NL)


Wound management, Surgery and Anaesthesia

  • Debridement, Tension Release, and Immobilisation; The Holy Triad of Primary Intention Wound HealingDylan Gorvy (SE)
  • Holes in the Head: The Challenge of Sinocutaneous Fistulae – Dylan Gorvy (SE)
  • Pinch and punch grafts – when and how? – Sarah Boys-Smith (UK)
  • Reconstructive surgery and orbital trauma – Thomas Launois (FR)
  • Modern strategies for pain management: epidural analgesia – Thijs van Loon (NL)
  • Wetlab: Wound managementDylan Gorvy (SE)



  • ERU: Intravitreal gentamicin injections, how to and when to? – Thomas Launois (FR)
  • An update on ERU – Thomas Launois (FR)
  • Ultrasonography of the equine eye – Stefanie Veraa (NL)
  • Eyelid surgery – Thomas Launois (FR)


Internal Medicine

  • Managing EMS: What’s the new consensus? – Andy Durham (GB)
  • Outbreak of EIA –  Orsolya Kutasi (HU)
  • Outbreak of West Nile and other flaviviruses – Orsolya Kutasi (HU)
  • Nutrition and GI diseases – Andy Durham (GB)
  • Liver disease – Andy Durham (GB)



  • Recommendations for management of equine athletes with cardiovascular abnormalities (ACVIM/ECEIM Consensus statement) – Virginia Reef (US)
  • Assessment of the cardiovascular system during prepurchase examinations – Virginia Reef (US)
  • Sedating cardiovascular compromised patients – Thijs van Loon (NL)