Farm Animal

The Scientific committee of the Farm Animal programme will be proud to present to you an impressive list of renowned national and international speakers that will guide you through the most interesting topics of, and insights in, veterinary farm animal medicine. The day is filled with streams containing multiple lectures, giving you the theoretical knowledge needed for your day-to-day cases. 

21 April 2022

Speakers Programme
Ground floor: DOME 4
Masterclass Mindfulness
First floor: Balcony

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Speakers Programme

Inge van Geijlswijk (NL) – Most common pharmacotherapeutic dilemma’s in bovine practice case 1 and case 2

Katharina van Leenen (NL) – WORKSHOP: interpretation lung ultrasonography (You can bring your own images!)

Mathilde Pas (BE) – Interpretation of blood results: a blood serious problem in the neonatal calf

Mathilde Pas (BE) –  Interpretation of blood results: weight loss in a goat

Walter Grünberg (DE) – Rehydration of diarrheic calves: strategies and pitfalls

Walter Grünberg (DE) – Drenching cows: An effective tool when properly used

All-round Stream with Eric Garcia (US)

– The latest tools & tips to manage your online reputation

– How to implement and handle client feedback

– Digital Marketing

– The importance of saying thank you online

Research update from the Sustainable Ruminant
Health group
Ground floor: DOME 4

Escape room
Ground floor: Behind DOME 1

Registration is required and only a limited number of places available. Register here

General Stream: Online Marketing
First floor: Breakoutroom South