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Preliminary Programme 2020

Herd health

  • Assessing hypocalcaemia risk and intervening in a cost effective way – James Hudson (UK)
  • Why do cows break after calving? The underlying mechanisms and causal risks for periparturient disease – Alastair Hayton (UK)
  • How can we monitor the transition period most effectively? – Alastair Hayton (UK)


Bovine therapy

  • Most common pharmacotherapeutic dilemma’s in bovine practice – Inge van Geijlswijk (NL)
  • Rehydration of diarrheic calves: strategies and pitfalls – Walter Grünberg (DE)
  • Drenching cows: A powerful tool that has its limitations – Walter Grünberg (DE)


Respiratory disease in youngstock

  • UGent Quick Scan lung ultrasonography – Lieze De Cremer (BE)
  • Mycoplasma bovis: a small overview of a major pathogen – Jade Bokma (BE)
  • Possibilities of rapid diagnostics for respiratory pathogens – Jade Bokma (BE)


The respiratory disease in youngstock stream includes workshops on farm



  • A chicken: what should I do? – Marius Dwars (NL)