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Farm Animal

Very proudly and with great pleasure we announce that also this year there will be an interesting and challenging programme for practitioners working with large animals.


If we want to be the best we can in our jobs, we must extend our learning curve throughout our professional life. There is no better place to do that, than at the European Veterinary Conference Voorjaarsdagen! We will provide a diverse scientific programme and an excellent social atmosphere, where you can also speak with the industry.

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Preliminary Programme 2020

Herd health

  • Assessing hypocalcaemia risk and intervening in a cost effective way – James Hudson (UK)
  • Why do cows break after calving? The underlying mechanisms and causal risks for periparturient disease – Alastair Hayton (UK)
  • How can we monitor the transition period most effectively? – Alastair Hayton (UK)


Bovine therapy

  • Most common pharmacotherapeutic dilemma’s in bovine practice – Inge van Geijlswijk (NL)
  • Rehydration of diarrheic calves: strategies and pitfalls – Walter Grünberg (DE)
  • Drenching cows: A powerful tool that has its limitations – Walter Grünberg (DE)


Respiratory disease in youngstock

  • UGent Quick Scan lung ultrasonography – Lieze De Cremer (BE)
  • Mycoplasma bovis: a small overview of a major pathogen – Jade Bokma (BE)
  • Possibilities of rapid diagnostics for respiratory pathogens – Jade Bokma (BE)


The respiratory disease in youngstock stream includes workshops on farm



  • A chicken: what should I do? – Marius Dwars (NL)