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Since 1967, the Netherlands Association for Companion Animal Medicine (NACAM) has an annual organised Companion Animal Conference.

From 2001 onwards an Equine programme was added to the conference, in close collaboration with several partners including BEVA.

Since 2013 a Farm Animal scientific programme was introduced. Nowadays more than 1000 veterinarians attend this conference annually.

Since 1996 this special programme started consisting of lectures and practical sessions. Now the technicians programme attracts about 800 veterinary technicians annually.

Event location:

Fokker Terminal

Binckhorstlaan 249
2516 BB Den Haag

The Netherlands

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Martijn Beukers
Fleur Bessems
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Programme Companion Animals

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Programme Companion Animals

Tijn Wiersema
Programme Companion Animals

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Programme DANS
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Programme Farm Animals
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Programme Equine

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