Information about Masterclasses

Arthrex Knotless Anchor Masterclass with Dr. Philipp Schmierer

Are you interested in orthopaedic surgery and would you like to know more about treating joint and ligament injuries in dogs and cats with bone anchors?


In close collaboration with Arthrex we can offer you a great masterclass during the Pre-Conference Day on Wednesday April 10. In this workshop with a combined theoretical and practical part Philipp Schmierer from the Veterinary University in Zürich and Tierklinik Posthausen will introduce you in to the world of Knotless Arthrex anchors in dogs and cats. With his experience and knowledge he will tell you everything about the unique features of FASTak, Corkscrew, PushLock and SwiveLock anchors. And of course you will have the opportunity to learn how to use these techniques on sawbones. So if you are up for: Driving innovation with state of the art products and technical procedures to treat a variety of joints using Arthrex anchors, then please register as soon as possible since spaces are limited.


Wednesday April 10. Fokker Terminal The Hague.

Room: 7

13.00 – 14.30 Presentation and theoretical background

14.30 – 15.00 Short break

15.00 – 16.30 Hands-on workshop

16.30 – 17.00 Evaluation and Q&A

Cytology Masterclass with Prof. Dr. Erik Teske

In this Masterclass various aspects of cytology will be reviewed in a compact form. How does inflammation look? How do I recognize malignancy criteria? What are the cytological characteristics of the most common skin tumors? Is the enlarged lymph node reactive or are there indications of metastases? This cytology masterclass starts with lectures and will be followed by interactive cytology cases. You will be looking at cytology preparations in pairs of two. This highly rewarded masterclass will be held by prof. dr. E. Teske. Maximum 40 spots are available.


Wednesday April 10. Fokker Terminal The Hague.

Room: 19 & 20

13.00-14.30 Introduction
14.30-14.50 Coffee Break
14.50-16.30 Microscopic session
16.30            Discussion

Masterclass Thoracic X-ray Interpretation by Drs. Tessa Könning

Thoracic radiograpy is a common diagnostic technique in veterinairy medicine. Despite most veterinairy clinics work with radiographs on a daily basis, interpretation of thoracic radiographs is often considered challenging. Tessa Könning, diplomate of the ECVDI, will discuss with you all the quenstions you had, interpreting the recent thoracic radiographs at work. She will talk about the different lung patterns, cardiovasculair changes, and breed variations. This course is also perfect for those who are not using thoracic radiographs on a daily basis but are keen to take their skills to a higher level. Tessa has a few years of experience in giving this type of courses and is valued for her very enthusiastic style. She has the capability to make the most difficult topics understandable. With her experience in a referal clinic in Amsterdam she knows wich cases give the biggest headaches in daily practices.


To achieve the educational goals in this lecture there is room for a maximum of 30 people.


Wednesday April 10. 13.00 – 17.00 Fokker Terminal The Hague.

Room: 16


Basic thoracic X-ray technique

Interpretation of different patterns

Diseases and their radiographic abnormalities

Interactive Cases

Masterclass Communication & Wellbeing

‘Increasing energy and purpose – a personal workshop’ 

– Limited number of places! –


All of us have times where we may find work and/or personal life harder than usual, and even if we don’t, there is no doubt that the higher our energy levels and our sense of purpose, the better we feel about what we do and who we are. This workshop focuses on helping delegates connect with what is important to them and how to translate that into their everyday lives. The format is interactive, practical and personal.


Friday April 12. Fokker Terminal The Hague.

Room: 16

10.15 – 11.55 Increasing energy and purpose – 1

13.30 – 15.10 Increasing energy and purpose – 2

15.40 – 16.25 A taste of mindfulness practice for vets – short practical exercices

( max 45 spots per workshop )